Credit Platform

Main Capital adopts an integrated, unique, proprietary operating and management system that covers all phases of the investment and subsequent controls processes (onboarding, screening and analysis, preliminary approval, confirmatory due diligence, approval, closing, disbursement, monitoring).

Among the main system characteristics are:

  • Integrated single platform
  • High degree of interface
  • Scalability
  • Ability to receive information and data in real time from multiple sources
  • Advanced flagging system (reporting of relevant events)
  • Advanced process control with progress stops

The system allows to reach the highest possible level of efficiency in carrying out the processes, check the correct progress, interface quickly and easily with the various outsourcers, collect and access in real time all the information relating to the individual investments and to the portfolio and consequently minimise and eliminate the margin of error and the time between information / event and consequent action.

None of the critical processes, particularly those of selecting the investment, analysis, evaluation of portfolios, decision-making, executive processes etc. are left to programs and algorithm based systems, as the human element is always the one who supervises and decides with the help of the important technological system adopted.

The Investment Management Process

Operating & Management Platform



Initial info collection:

Initial checks

  • KYC and AML
  • Company’s financial conditions
  • Compatibility of company operations with Main Capital policy
  • ESG
  • Company data and registry information
  • Registry certificates (visure societarie e giudiziarie)
  • Information for KYC, AML, Proper Verification
  • Information for credit assessment
  • Authority checks and verification
  • Info for ESG assessment and ESG Questionnaire
  • NDA
  • Privacy and data treatment information
  • Internal credit analysis
  • External independent credit analysis and assignment of credit rating
  • "Big Data" analysis and assignment of digital score, geographical score, alternative score
  • Finalisation of the Term Sheet
  • Presentation of the transaction to the Investment Committee and the Board of Directors of Main Capital
  • Approval (conditional on satisfactory due diligence)
  • Site visit
  • Accounting due diligence (if financial statements are not audited)
  • Legal due diligence
  • ESG due diligence
  • Completion of due diligence with satisfactory outcome
  • Final approval by the Chief Investment Officer
  • Final draft of the loan agreement and financial documentation
  • Approval by the contracting parties
  • Appraisals relating to the security provided (where applicable)
  • Execution of the documentation
  • Receipt of documents and certificates for the purpose of verification of conditions precedent (and transmission to the Agent of the financing)
  • Specific operational environment setup by the Agent of the financing
  • Disbursement by Main Capital through the Depositary bank
  • Monitoring and management of the Financing (contract)
  • Primary monitoring (actual and predictive)
  • Integrative Monitoring (judicial, AML, press news)
  • Big Data Monitoring based on information from digital environments (social media)