The approach of Main Capital to ESG

Main Capital finances Targets who adopt a responsible model based on respect for the environment, social responsibility, positive ethics and transparency in the conduct of business.


Main Capital applies the principles of environmental, social and governance (ESG) responsibility in its investment decisions, to generate lasting value for its investors while supporting respect for the environment, social commitment and the adoption of strong business ethics.

Our approach recognises that Borrowers / Issuers that apply ESG principles demonstrate greater resilience, better risk management capabilities and the ability to maintain profitability in the long term.

Main Capital applies the ESG factors:

  • on an Exclusion Basis whereby it does not invest or grant credit to borrowers / issuers that operate in sectors which are highly controversial and bear a high reputational risk for investors, or have a history of negative environmental or social impacts;
  • on an Integration Basis, by systematically including relevant ESG factors in the analysis and investment decisions. Such analysis forms part of the investment assessment and selection processes, it is two-pronged, consisting in an assessment of compliance with applicable laws and regulations and preferential selection of the targets based on their commitment to ESG principles and practices.