The approach of Main Capital to ESG

Main Capital invests in Targets who adopt a responsible model based on respect for the environment, social responsibility, positive ethics and transparency in the conduct of business.

Main Capital SGR's ESG Commitment

Main Capital considers the integration of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into the investment process as a priority, in order to consolidate the trust of investors and markets, strengthen corporate reputation and counter the development of practices and activities deemed not in line with the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment.

Factoring ESG risks and opportunities into the investment process can only improve it and ultimately contribute to achieving more ambitious results: for this reason, Main Capital believes that a responsible investment approach is well aligned with its fiduciary duty as an investment manager of corporate credit and, at the same time, represents a concrete response to the social and environmental needs of today’s society. 

Investments’ Sustainability

In order to facilitate the implementation of a responsible investment process that integrates the ESG criteria, Main Capital has defined activities and analysis parameters to support the evaluation of the investments.

Based on the characteristics of each investment fund, Main Capital defines specific ESG strategies and collects information to assess compliance by the Targets with applicable legislation, such as environmental protection laws, Health & Safety laws etc., prioritising investments on the basis of the commitment on ESG issues such as:

  • ENVIRONMENT: mitigation of negative environmental impacts, responsible energy, water and natural resource management, promotion of the green economy.
  • SOCIETY: promotion of gender equality and diversity, fight against discrimination, job creation, promotion of the local economy and dialogue with one's own communities.
  • GOVERNANCE: commercial practices, code of conduct, corporate integrity, transparency, internal control policies and procedures adopted, fight against unfair or illegal commercial practices or tax measures, promotion of diversity and meritocracy in the ownership structure, adoption of ethical principles and responsibility in the selection of suppliers and along the value chain.

Collection of information on ESG issues, including any strategies and objectives of the Targets, is carried out through a questionnaire developed by Main Capital and provided during the onboarding phase of the investment process.

Sustainability beyond Investments

Main Capital promotes responsible ESG practices throughout its operations, with the aim of integrating sustainability into its business strategy, in the belief that a transparent and responsible conduct increases reputation, credibility and consensus over time, which are fundamental elements for a sustainable growth of the business aimed at creating the value of all its stakeholders.

Among the sustainability objectives in its business, Main Capital pursues:

  • the fight against active and passive corruption;
  • the promotion of diversity and inclusion in the workplace;
  • promoting the balance between private and work life;
  • strengthening corporate governance and integrity;
  • the protection of the environment and the reduction of its direct environmental impacts.