Main Capital Fund I

A diversified fund with a granular investment portfolio for the financing of the growth of Italian small and medium-sized companies through debt and innovative financing structures.


Main Capital Fund I is a closed, reserved fund that invests in alternative medium and long-term credit instruments such as direct loans and minibonds in bilateral or syndicated form.

The main investment targets are Italian SMEs and, residually, SMEs from the EU1 European countries with preference towards those owned by Italians or with Italian participation.

Main Capital Fund I intends to lend medium and long-term debt capital to finance organic growth and growth by acquisitions.

The fund, which follows a Capital Preservation strategy, has a target size of € 200m, is highly granular (about 80 investments) and aims at offering investors a stable return (low β) and a high Sharpe ratio.

The fund is now in the fund raising phase.